Lieba-Samal Specialist in Neurology in Vienna


I am a Specialist in Neurology in Vienna.
I studied at the Medical University in Vienna before undergoing my training as a neurology specialist at the university clinic of neurology at Vienna Medical University. In the course of my studies I received a comprehensive training in all fields of neurology. At present I am head of the clinical sector of neurography/electromyography (NLG/EMG), I train our assistant physicians and work in special outpatient clinics.

I have always enjoyed doing research work, because I like answering questions that no-one has ever asked before. That is why I am also author and co-author of numerous scientific papers. In addition, in 2013 I habilitated at the Medical University of Vienna with the topic "migraine".

Furthermore I have an additional diploma of Neurography/Electromyography, Special Pain Therapy and a clinical investigator training.

I am active as deputy head of the working group for neurosonography of the Austrian Society of Medical Ultrasound and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Headache-Committee. I give lectures at national and international congresses, and I hold training courses for colleagues who are specialists in their field.

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I love my job – with enthusiasm and commitment. I particularly care about educating my patients, because I strongly believe that the more you know about your illness, the better you are able to cope with it.

Another major interest is the training of assistant physicians and colleagues. The former need to be well qualified for their future work, and the latter need to adhere to lifelong learning – which will continue forever for me as well.

My family and the arts – especially photography and visual arts – as well as sports are an important release for me.